Media and Presentation Training

Are you looking to: 

  • Deliver a keynote address?
  • Present your ideas to a board of directors?
  • Pitch a new business plan?
  • Speak to the press about your work?

With over ten years experience in one-to-one training, I can help you craft a strategic message and overcome delivery fears so that the audience is with you all the way.

As an artist, actor and choreographer, Lena has a keen ear for when stories land and connect with an audience – leading her naturally to teaching and coaching. Lena joined Ovid Inc in 2005 and has worked with executives preparing for television, press and keynote addresses; non-profit grantees presenting to boards; technology professionals on making their work more accessible; as well as authors, doctors, sales professionals, and others on communicating their unique stories. Lena embraces the gratifying work of crafting and clarifying every client’s particular message toward their desired goal.

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